Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?   

Wear comfortable clothing, preferable shirts that are loose around the neck. We want to be able to feel what is going on and we want you to be able to be comfortable when you have table time.

When will I be adjusted? 

We use the first visit to take a deep dive into your history and nerve system to find out if we can help you. If we can, your first adjustment will happen on your first or second visit.

Why do you work on multiple people at a time?  

There is a saying that I love: “There is an “I” in Illness and a “We” in Wellness.” So many people isolate themselves when they are healing, but I find that healing should happen in community. Besides that, Network Spinal entails light contacts that allow your body to start recognizing itself and develop strategies of healing. This requires processing time, and having multiple tables at once allows the doctor to see other people while you process on the table.

Do you have adult only sessions? 

The short answer is No. However, there are many times that only adults are in the room, and we typically see school-aged kids after school (around the 3 o’clock hour). If you have any particular time requests, please let the front desk know so that we can schedule you accordingly.

What is the metal tool you use?  

We utilize a tool called the Integrator from Torque Release Technique. It is a high velocity adjusting tool that may feel like a little “tap” along your spine.

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