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Dr. Kramer is advanced proficient in Torque Release Technique, utilizes Network Spinal technique, and certified in Webster Technique. The primary intent of these techniques is to reconnect the brain and body so that the inherent healing power within all of us can flow unobstructed through the nervous system. Chiropractic seeks to help not just restore the connection, but to help the body reorganize to a higher level of function than before.

To begin to understand how NS affects the nervous system, consider the strings on a guitar. They are anchored to the top and the bottom of the guitar, yet remain free to vibrate and move in between. Depending on the tension of the strings, the guitar is either perfectly “in tune,” or some degree “out of tune.” In order to express the greatest potential for music, it is essential to continually refine the tuning so that it is as close to perfect as possible. Now envision your spine. Like the guitar, the tuning of the nervous system primarily takes place at the very top and bottom of the spine. At the very top of the cervical spine (Neck), the brain stem is anchored to the vertebrae. At the very base of the spine, specifically the sacrum and coccyx (tail bone), the other end of the spinal cord is attached. In between these two locations, the spinal cord is designed to float freely within the spinal bones so that it can maintain the perfect amount of tension and adapt to a persons life and movements. The brain, spinal cord, and nerves were perfectly designed to send and receive clear messages between one another and the rest of the body. When they are in tune, they are said to be “entrained.” When the body undergoes stressors that it cannot adapt to, whether physical, chemical, or emotional in origin, it often assumes a defensive structure and function, placing adverse tension on the entire nervous system. This physiological state is the equivalent of being “out of tune”, and prevents a person from experiencing true health and ease because signals in the nervous system become interrupted.

Using a highly developed analysis, NS uses a series of gentle and specific fingertip contacts on the neck, and the base of the spine, where the spinal cord is anchored. When applied, these contacts are collectively referred to as “spinal entrainments” or Network adjustments. In NS, these adjustments do not produce the “popping” sound associated with traditional chiropractic adjustments. The purpose of these contacts are to entrain the nervous system and reunite the brain with the body. When receiving an entrainment/adjustment a person's brain “educates itself” by remembering the appropriate position of spinal structures, thereby allowing the body to re-organize itself at a higher level and to reconnect with its natural rhythms.

This benefits people in EVERY stage of healing. Whether a person is suffering with health challenges and wishes to begin care to get relief, if they are a high performance athlete seeking to optimize function, or anywhere in between, NS will deliver results. What makes NS unique when compared to other approaches in chiropractic is that it seeks to not only bring a person back to the level of health they were at prior to any injury or health challenge, but it seeks to evolve their brain to a higher level of function. Just as a perfectly tuned guitar produces the best music, a perfectly tuned nervous system allows for the optimal expression of health, well-being, and life.

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